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Origins of the WWW

- Keywords -
Internet, online journalism, digital media convergence, online news, World Wide Web, Computer-Assisted Reporting, The Straits Times, The Age, The Straits Times Interactive, The Age Online.

- Abstract -

This dissertation seeks to gain an understanding of how the World Wide Web (WWW) is shaping today's online news products. It examines aspects of four specific players in the online production process: the product (the publications both print and online), the producer (journalists and editors) and the publishers' management policies. Within this framework, a particular focus of the case study was the changing work practices within the 'integrated newsroom' environment. Two online newspapers namely; The Age Online (John Fairfax Holdings Pty Ltd) and The Straits Times Interactive (SPH) were examined. They were launched in 1995 making them pioneers in this new medium at a stage when the commercial use of the Internet was in its infancy. The Age Online was the first paper in Australia to go online while The Straits Times Interactive was one of the first in Southeast Asia.

A mixed-methods approach is taken whereby a content analysis of both paper copy and online versions of both newspapers is compared and qualitative research tools, such as in-depth interviews and participant observation are used to obtain a 'thick description' of the integrated newsroom environment and the CIT climate of both Australia and Singapore.

The literature and research findings indicate that the online news industry is fast-paced, fresh issues are developing rapidly and new media is in its infant stages with its potential impact yet to be fully realised. At country-level, both Australia and Singapore recognise the benefit of developing an information-based economy but have taken slightly different strategies to accomplish their goal with Singapore taking on a more assertive approach of the two.

Integrated newsroom trends identified include: a growing importance placed on multi-skilled journalists; younger web content managers; increased deadline pressures; an emphasis on better content management software and the need to gratify technology savvy online audiences. Industry trends to note are: the shift from "news publisher" to "information content provider" mentality, the quest for profit-making on the WWW, an increasing interest in investing in new media businesses, innovative methods of online delivery, and Wireless Application Protocol and XML's (extensible mark-up language) potential to revolutionise news delivery and production.



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