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- About the Author -

A journalist by instinct and training, Nisar Keshvani has freelanced for various foreign magazines and newspapers since 1993, including The (Singapore) Straits Times. From 1996 to 1998, he wrote and coordinated the Singapore Police Force Public Affairs Department's in-house magazine, Police Life Monthly. Previously Nisar worked in telecommunications marketing with Saigon Mobile Radio Network in Vietnam.

Presently, Nisar keeps a finger on the pulse of Singapore's trade and export scene for the Asian Sources Media Group based in the Philippines. In his scant spare time, Nisar pursues his passion, film-making.

Two films he co-directed were awarded the Special Jury Prize in the 1993 and 1994 Singapore Film Festivals, and in 1995 he worked as production coordinator on Singapore's first locally-made feature film, "Mee Pok Man", which screened at the Venice, Moscow, Japan and Berlin festival circuits.

As an internet journalist and developer, Nisar Keshvani's experience is extensive; it includes maintaining Queensland University of Technology's (QUT) School of Media & Journalism website, as Developer of the Centre for Media Policy & Practice and QUTÕs Digital Media Programme sites. He writes for various online publications including worldroom.com, movies-online, smallplaces.com and recently took over the editorship of fineArt forum, a 14-year old art & technology e-zine.

Throughout Nisar Keshvani's journalism career at QUT, prestigious awards have been cited for his work. Nisar developed and currently maintains the QUT Public Journalism Project, a prestigious project funded by the Australian Research Council in alliance with QUT, The Courier-Mail, Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation and the Ethnic Communities Council of Queensland.

As part of his final-year undergraduate Journalism degree project, he coordinated QUT Journalism's online newspaper Communique Online, which won the Journalism Educators Association "Best Student Publication" award and and the inaugural Dr Charles Stuart Ossie award for "Best Publication". Currently he is the managing editor of Communique Online. Besides web weaving, Nisar also tutors 1st, 2nd and third-year QUT journalism students in Journalism Information Systems, ethics and News Production (Online).

His research interests include; new media technologies, media convergence, WWW content management, online journalism, web development and desktop publishing and layout.




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