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Chapter 5: Discussion and Recommendations

This project describes the digital news production landscape and addresses selected aspects of the impact of the WWW on two newsrooms and those organisations' changing journalistic work practices. In so doing, this thesis has examined the literature in this newly emerging field, discussed relevant theories, traced Internet growth (specifically the WWW), gathered data from the newsrooms (from the CIT climate right down to the online consumer), and evaluated the impact and issues practitioners' face today.

The literature and research findings indicate that this online news industry is fast-paced, fresh issues are developing rapidly and new media is in its infant stages with its potential impact yet to be fully realised. At country-level, both Australia and Singapore recognise the benefit of developing an information-based economy but have taken slightly different strategies to accomplish their goal. Singapore has heavily invested funds in CITs, resources and developed policy that supports CIT infrastructure. Whilst Australia has not been as aggressive, there is a strong emphasis on technology as can be seen by the numerous IT incubators, start-ups and industry-driven initiatives established to facilitate a CIT hot-bed.

A discussion of the general trends, challenges, and issues that both online papers and news publishers face are examined in relation to the four specific players of the online production process. It should be realised that each newsroom has a distinctive character and its unique organisational culture will continue to persist. General trends are mere indications of changes broadly sweeping the industry and cannot be imposed, and may not be relevant to all organisations. The unique nature of the WWW and technology has blurred the lines between the individual players as they continue to challenge each other in a bid for success with their WWW ventures. It should be kept in mind that the overlapping nature of online practice and policy makes it impossible to list discreet conclusions of this study. The following outlines the main conclusions derived from this study.




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